Infinite Stratos - Season 1 (2 disc) -DvD

Loppunut/Tilaustuote! 1-14 arkipäivää (Saatavuutta ei voida taata)


The complete first series of the Japanese anime set in a future where powered armour suits known as Infinite Stratos (IS) have been invented. 

The IS are distributed evenly throughout the world and a peace treaty is put in place to ensure no country will use the powerful technology in war. 
Meanwhile, since only females are able to operate the suits, a social change has taken place with women becoming the more dominant gender.

However, teenager Ichika Orimura (voice of Josh Grelle) becomes the first boy with the ability to control the IS and he is sent by the government to train at the Infinite Stratos Academy where his fellow students are all girls. 

The episodes are:
All My Classmate Are Female
Class Representative Selection Match!
The Transfer Student Is the Second Childhood Friend
The Class League Match
Boy Meets Boy
My Roommate Is a Young
Blonde Nobleman
Blue Days - Red Switch
Find Out My Mind
Oceans Eleven!
Thin Red Line
Get Ready and 
Your Name Is

The collection also features the OVA episode 'A Sextet Yearning for Love'

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