Muv-Luv Alternative 1/4 Meiya Mitsurugi: Bunny Ver. -Figuuri


Valmistaja: FREEing

Koko: 41cm

Meiya Mitsurugi is prepared to join your collection in bunny form!

Presenting a long-awaited bunny version scale figure of Meiya Mitsurugi in celebration of Muv-Luv Alternative's 15th Anniversary! Meiya elegant beauty still shines through even in bunny costume form, with every detail perfectly captured from head to toe. The large size 1/4th scale figure features real net tights, making for a figure that is just as fun to feel as it is to look at. Be sure to add her to your collection, and look out for Sumika Kagami: Bunny Ver. coming soon as well!

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