Tokyo Ghoul: Root A - Season 2 -DvD

Loppunut/Tilaustuote! 1-14 arkipäivää (Saatavuutta ei voida taata)


All 12 episodes from the second season of the Japanese anime. Set in Tokyo, the story follows college student Kanecki (voice of Natsuki Hanae) who is transformed into a half-ghoul after he is almost killed in an attack by a disguised ghoul he was on a date with. Shunned by his fellow humans, Kanecki is accepted by a group of ghouls who teach him about their culture and show him how to adapt to their ways, including his new need to consume human flesh to survive.

In this season, Kaneki joins the Aogiri Tree and takes on the Commission of Counter Ghoul. 

The episodes are:

New Surge
Dancing Flowers
Deeper Layers
Thousand Paths
Old Nines
City in Waiting
Last Rain
Deluge of Flowers

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