DEFENDERS Jessica Jones ARTFX+ -Figuuri

Loppunut/Tilaustuote! 1-14 arkipäivää (Saatavuutta ei voida taata)


Kotobukiya's Defenders ARTFX+ series is a collaborative effort between renowned Marvel Comics artist Dale Keown and Junnosuke Abe (Restore), the sculptor behind many of Kotobukiya's Marvel statues. The third entry in the series is a mysterious private investigator who roams the back streets of Manhattan, Jessica Jones!
Beloved by longtime fans and new followers of Marvel alike, the current iteration of Jessica Jones was born in the Alias comic series, which covers the former superhero's work as a private investigator and became the basis for the popular Jessica Jones Netflix series.
Jessica's posing depicts her bold and decisive fighting style, and the magnets implanted in her feet help her stand solidly on the included metal base.  The statue's 1/10th scale makes it perfect for displaying alongside Kotobukiya's other ARTFX+ statues.

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