Kill La Kill: Part 1 (Blu-ray)

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First eight episodes from the Japanese anime series. When Ryuko (voice of Ami Koshimizu)'s father is murdered, she travels to Honnouji Academy to discover the identity of his killer with one half of a scissor that was used to kill him, looking for the holder of the other half. There she confronts President Satsuki (Ryoka Yuzuki), who is said to know the killer's identity and immediately recognises the blade. But Satsuki refuses to give information and uses her loyal followers clad in special suits that give them superhuman abilities to attack Ryuko. Faced with such powers, will Ryuko ever be able to infiltrate the academy and solve the murder mystery? 

The episodes are: 'If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle', 'So Sexy, I'm Going to Faint', 'Junketsu', 'Dawn of a Miserable Morning', 'Trigger', 'Don't Toy With Me On a Whim', 'A Loser I Can't Hate' and 'I'll Wipe My Own Tears'.

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