Overwatch: Ultimates - Soldier 76 and Ana

2 kpl varastossa! Toimitus 1-3 arkipäivää.

64,95 €
Säästät 46 %

Valmistaja: Hasbro

Now you can play with your favorite action heroes at home. Soldier 76 is the popular warrior from the online game Overwatch. He has the speed and capacity of the best of warriors, and is equipped with advanced weapons. Ana is a former military sniper and has now stepped out of the shadows and joined the battle to protect her loved ones. With the package you also get cool accessories for each action figure in the form of weapons such as a pulse rifle so you can use your imagination and create Soldier 76's next adventure.

- Soldier 76 and Ana from the popular online game Overwatch
- Impressive print ability
- Accessories and groundbreaking weapons included

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