Kiss Him, Not Me (Blu-ray)

Loppunut/Tilaustuote! 1-14 arkipäivää (Saatavuutta ei voida taata)


All the episodes from the Japanese anime series in which an overweight high school student becomes depressed when her favourite anime character dies. Spending her days in bed and refusing to eat, suddenly Serinuma (voice of Franciska Friede) loses her weight and becomes slender and attractive. When she finally decides to face the world again, she becomes the interest of many of the male students at her school.

As Serinuma needs something else to fixate on since the death of her favourite character, she begins to fantasise about her real-life male classmates getting together. The episodes are: 'Can She Do It? A Real Life Otome Game', 'The Strange Room and the Four High School Boys', 'The Clear and Blue Autumn Sky, and Passionate Otome', 'Christmas in the Holy Land', 'Back to My Original Self! What Should I Do?', 'Let the Shipping Wars Begin!', 'On a Journey to the Holy Land of Kachu Rabu', 'I'm at a Disadvantage!', 'The Beach! Bathing Suits! Time to Get Serious!', 'Brother Invasion', 'Forward! Guard the Castle' and 'Kiss Him, Not Me'.

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