Burst Angel Complete Collection -DvD

Verkkokaupan varastossa! 1-14 arkipäivää


The genre-bending anime series BURST ANGEL blends sci-fi, action, comedy, and even a touch of Spaghetti Western into a thrilling girls-with-guns confection. In futuristic Tokyo, a new law that allows citizens to openly carry guns has actually led to an increase in crime, and a shadowy organization known as RAPT (Recent Armed Police of Tokyo) actively encourages violence in order to profit from the chaos. A quartet of scantily clad young women named Jo, Sei, Amy, and Meg stride into this anarchic milieu and attempt to bring a sense of order and justice to the lawless land with their gun-slinging ways and leather chaps. This title features the violent and sexy anime series in its entirety.

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