Privacy statement

Privacy statement

AniGen Tmi stores and processes personal data in accordance with the EU GDPR and the current Personal Data Act (523/1999).

We may change this privacy statement from time to time by posting a new version online. That's why we recommend you get to know us
to our privacy statement regularly.

Date of preparation: 19 May 2018
Updated: May 19, 2018

1. Registrar

AniGen Tmi
VAT number: FI28398874
Address: Sibeliuskenkatu 29 A7 04400 Järvenpää
Phone: 0405549600


2. The person responsible for registry matters

Juho Hanhikoski (owner)


3. Purpose of use of personal data

We process personal data for managing, analyzing and marketing the relationship with the customer or other relevant relationship. Disclosure of information
to partners only for purposes of use that support the registry's operational concept.

Our operations are based on legal business, so we also comply with EU legislation on the storage of personal data - this in short is
the following six points:

The information we store about the person is legal, reasonable and transparent in terms of processing. This means that you can access your information at any time.
The information is tied to the purpose of use - for example, the information we collect about people is only tied to a specific purpose of use. We will not disclose your information to third parties unless there is an appropriate reason for doing so.

We minimize the information we store - we only store what is necessary
We strive to keep our information accurate.

We limit the storage of information - the information has a defined useful life, after which it is either automatically or routinely deleted, unless there is another valid reason for the storage.

We store intact and reliable information, for example verified through backups
We collect and store information about potential new customers based on customer relationships or related to business.


4. Data content of the register

First and last name
Contact information (such as company name, contact information, etc.)
Other textual information related to the customer, such as order information
Marketing authorization or prohibition
IP address information or other identifier
Information collected through cookies
Information collected from social media channels
We save the minimum information related to the customer relationship, which typically includes the person's unique name, as well as contact information such as email and
telephone number.


5. Information sources

Online store
Google Analytics
Social media (e.g. Facebook)


6. Disclosure and transfer of information

Based on the discretion of the data controller, data can be disclosed within the limits permitted and required by the legislation in force at any given time to our partners. Information is disclosed to partners only for purposes that support the operation of the register

We hand over limited personal data to other parties - this practically means:

We use email marketing tools. Only name, company and e-mail address are stored in these.

We use Vilkas Group's system to manage customer relations, where we store e.g. attached: person's name, contact information and customer relationship
related activities.

We offer payment services in cooperation with practically all Finnish banks and Klarna Bank AB. We surrender above
the information required by the payment service for the mentioned companies in a secure connection. The companies in question are responsible for the appropriate processing of personal data.

Some of the services we use operate outside the territory of the member states of the European Union or the European Economic Area. The transfer of data is followed
the requirements of personal data legislation and we share these services in accordance with the principle of data minimization and risk reduction.


(Facebook button usage information is sent to the Facebook service) .


7. Registry protection

The information contained in the register, processed electronically, is protected by firewalls, passwords and other generally accepted techniques in the information security industry.
protected by means. Manually maintained materials are located in premises to which unauthorized persons have been prevented from accessing.

Only identified employees of the controller and companies acting on behalf of the controller have access to the contents of the register
to information.

The customer always has the right to ask to see what data has been stored about him/her, and the customer is also entitled to request the deletion of the data!

In the above situations, please contact our customer service at the address

No separate reason is required for seeing, correcting or deleting information.
The customer's information is verified via e-mail, address, phone number or old orders before providing, changing or deleting information.

The customer has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority if the customer considers that the customer's rights based on the data protection regulations have been violated in the processing of personal data.

In Finland, the supervisory authority is the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.