Gate: Complete Series (3 disc) -Bluray


All 24 episodes from the Japanese anime which follows soldier Yoji Itami (voice of Junichi Suwabe) as he is sent to investigate a mysterious new world. 

When a band of warriors and monsters emerge from a portal and launch an attack on Tokyo, the Japanese Self Defence Force sends troops to repel the assault. 
With the enemy defeated, Officer Yoji is sent back through the portal to conduct peace negotiations and explore the strange new world. 

The episodes are:
The Self Defence Force Goes to Another World
Two Military Forces
Fire Dragon
To Unknown Lands
The Battle of Italica
Ride of the Valkyries
The Princesss Decision
Beyond the Gate
The Hakone Mountain Night Battle
Despair and Hope
What Would Itami Do
The Banquet Begins
The Imperial Capital Quake
Tuka Luna Marceau
The Fire Dragon
Once More
Decisive Battle
The Magic City of Rondel
Dangerous Sisters
The Empress in Slaves Clothing
Thus They Fought There